Editing mailings

Step by step

  1. Open the "Mailings" navigation item.
  2. Click the Edit icon for the mailing you want to edit:

  3. Add containers

    Inxmail New Xperience already contains a number of standard containers when you use it the first time. Create custom containers if you want to use your text/image combinations in a mailing.

  4. Insert images

    What is the best image size? Learn more about optimizing image size for your mailing in our Smart Guide. Depending on your container dimensions, you may have to recalculate the image dimensions from the Smart Guide.

  5. Add texts, buttons, and links, and format your texts.

  6. Personalize your mailing

  7. Define spacing, subject, and other settings:

  8. No need to save your changes!

    No, you do not need to save your changes. All changes are automatically saved for you.

  • You have edited your first mailing and populated it with content.

Next steps