Insert links and enable tracking

Learn how to insert different link types and (de)activate tracking.

Step by step

  1. Open your mailing in the "Mailings" navigation item.

  2. Inserting links

    You can put links on the following mailing elements to make them clickable:

  3. Insert special link types

    In addition to the standard link, you can also choose from the following special link types:

    Subscription and unsubscription

    Tracking Permission

    Other link types

  4. (De)activate tracking

    By default, tracking is enabled for all links. As long as you do not change the default settings, all your links will be tracked.

    If there are some links you do not want to track, you can deactivate tracking for these links by unticking the "Activate tracking" check box.

    Tracking = Unique Count Tracking: In Inxmail New Xperience, tracking is always unique count tracking. Whether or not personal data is transferred during unique count tracking depends on the tracking permission of the recipients in your mailing list. You can manage the tracking permission in the "Tracking Permission" column in XPRO.

  5. Name in report

    You can specify a "Name in report" for your link. This will make it easier for you to identify it in Inxmail Professional reporting.

  6. Do I need to save my changes?

    No, you do not need to save your changes. All changes will be automatically saved for you.

  • You have inserted a link into your mailing. Tracking is enabled by default.

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