Perform link test

Use the link test to make sure all links in your mailing are correct. You can also see whether or not you have included central link types such as the unsubscribe link.

Step by step

  1. Sync your mailing.

  2. Open your mailing in the "Tests" tab.

  3. Click "Start test" in the "Link test" tile.

  4. Take a look at the test result:

    • Successful links are highlighted in green.

    • Missing links such as a missing unsubscribe link are highlighted in orange.

    • Incorrect links are highlighted in red.

      If you no longer know which element contains an incorrect link, you can search for it, by using the link panel. From there, jump to the affected element in order to correct the link.

      Coming soon: In the future, we will continue to combine the various link functions, so you'll have even more options for moving from one link feature to another in the future.

    • The link test cannot check personalized links with attributes and links with external content.

  • You have performed a link test for your mailing.