Tracking Permission in Inxmail Professional

In Inxmail Professional, every mailing list contains the Tracking permission column in the recipient table. Information as to whether each recipient has consented to the recipient-based storage of their data determined through unique count tracking will be saved in the Tracking permission column.

If a given recipient has consented to person-based tracking, this will be indicated by a green tick and Yes (Yes) next to said recipient’s email address in the Tracking permission column. If no consent has been obtained from a given recipient, this will be indicated by a red circle with a slash through it and the word No (No) next to said recipient’s name in the Tracking permission column.

Consent to tracking permission is either provided or not provided. Statuses such as ‘Consent to tracking permission not yet provided’ or ‘Not yet known whether consent to tracking permission has been provided’ cannot be depicted.

The Tracking permission system column is only included in the individual mailing lists. It is not included in the global recipient list. Tracking permission can only be specified at the list level.