Updating the Container Layout

You configure the text and image sections in the "Layout" workflow step. This is also where you define spacing, borders, and colors.

Step by step

  1. Open your container in the "Layout" workflow step.

  2. Drag text, image or button elements from the left panel to your container cells.

    You can also leave container cells empty.

  3. Define the spacing, borders, and other settings for every container element.

    Multiple selection using Ctrl key: Press Ctrl to select and edit several container elements at once.

    Dynamically switch between:

    • Margin
    • Padding
    • Border

  4. Replace the default placeholder texts with your own placeholder texts, and assign text styles to them.

    • This way you can design your containers more comfortably and you have a better idea of how they will look later in the mailing.

    • You can give yourself or your editors hints on the specific content to be included in the text elements of the mailing.

    • While editing your mailing, you replace the placeholder texts with your final mailing texts. The text styles are also not final. You can change them again in the mailing.

  • You have updated your container layout.

Next steps