External content

The "External Content" navigation item helps you configure and filter external data sources so that you can use them in your mailing. External data can come from your store system, for example. You can retrieve them via XML or CSV.

We recommend that you narrow down the data from your content source as much as possible so that your editors only see the information in the mailing that is relevant to them.

There are four steps for narrowing down your data:

  1. Create data source and filter at URL level

    Here is where you enter the URL of your data source. Currently you can use XML, CSV or JSON data sources.

    Go to workflow step: Create

  2. Pre-select: Narrow down via JSONPath

    Here you can optionally preselect your data source using a JSONPath. This allows you to filter out meta tags and other information from your data source that is not relevant for use in the mailing.

    You need support? Contact your Inxmail representative or so we can help you develop the right JSONPath for your data source.

    Go to workflow step: Pre-select

  3. Filter via selectors

    If you want your editors to see only the data for a specific product, for example, you can set this in the "Filter" step. Instead of the product number, you can also use other selectors.


    Go to workflow step: Filter

  4. Edit placeholders: Select and rename them

    Got too many placeholders in your content source? Or placeholder names that are not easy to understand? Then make life easier for your editors by entering easier-to-understand placeholder names for display in the mailing editor.


    Go to workflow step: Edit placeholder

All done?