Pre-select content source

Here you can optionally preselect your data source using a JSONPath. This allows you to filter out meta tags and other information from your data source that is not relevant for use in the mailing.

Step by step

  1. Open the "Pre-select" workflow step in the "External Content" navigation item.

  2. Activate the "Use pre-selection" checkbox and enter a JSONPath.

    You need support? Contact your Inxmail representative or so we can help you develop the right JSONPath for your data source.

  3. Click Get Feed and check the preview to see if Inxmail New Xperience is correctly narrowing down your data source based on the JSONPath.

  4. Once again, you can define placeholders in this step to represent different variants of your data source.

  5. Save

    Don't forget to save: Save your changes before moving to another workflow step.

  • You've pre-selected your content source and narrowed it down to the relevant content.

Next steps