Filter content source

Step by step

  1. Open the "Filter" workflow step in the External Content navigation item.

  2. Activate the "Use selector" button and pick a selector from the list.

  3. Enter a sample value for your selector and click Retrieve feed data to see the sample output.

  4. If you're not sure which sample values to use for the current selector, you can open the URL to your content source in your browser and look it up.

  5. Optional: Below "Name of the selector" you can specify a different name for your selector. As an alternative, you can also enter a prompt such as "Enter a product number here".

    Your editors will see the name of the selector in the "Content Import" tab in the container settings of your mailing editor:

  6. Save

    Don't forget to save: Save your changes before moving to another workflow step.

  • You have filtered your content source by a selector.

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