Store List-Unsubscribe-Header or List-Help-Header (Mail-Relay)

In Inxmail Commerce, it is mandatory that you store a List-Unsubscribe header as an unsubscribe option. In the case of purely transactional mails, you must store either a List-Unsubscribe header or a List-Help header.

If you use Inxmail Commerce in the background as an email dispatch system (= “mail relay”), you must configure the setting outside of Inxmail Commerce in your own system. Contact your IT department if you are not sure where and how to store the List-Unsubscribe header or List-Help header.

If you are using Inxmail Commerce via the Inxmail Commerce user interface rather than via mail relay, you can find more information under Store list-unsubscribe header or list-help header (Inxmail Commerce).

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