Distinction: Transactional mailings and mailings with advertising content

The mailing settings in Inxmail Commerce distinguishes between:

Promotional e-mails

Examples: Direct advertising or newsletters

The ACSA refers to promotional mailings as "list-based mailings", see item 2.16 of the .CSA criteria

Transactional emails

Examples: invoices, order confirmations or changes to terms and conditions

The ACSA also refers to "transactional mailings" as "non-list based mailings," see item 2.16 of the .CSA criteria


Depending on the mailing type, a different unsubscription alternative is required:

Summary table


(= name in Inxmail Commerce)

CSA name Examples Unsubscription alternative Notes
Promotional e-mails List-based mailings Promotional mails or newsletter


List-unsubscribe header

Users must unsubscribe using one-click unsubscribe.

Transactional emails Non-list-based mailings Invoices, order confirmations or changes to the terms and conditions List-Help header As an alternative to the minimum required List-Help header, the stricter unsubscribe alternative via List-Unsubscribe header is also permitted for transactional emails.

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