Scenario 1 – Authentication and domain alignment (with domain delegation)

Scenario 1 means that you have the least maintenance effort in the long term. You store DNS entries once and delegate the domain to Inxmail. Inxmail carries out any adjustments and you do not need to do anything if there are any changes to the domain entries in the future.

Step by step

  1. Open the Brand Identity Protection feature in Settings.

  2. Select the Optimal deliverability option and check the Delegate domain to Inxmail check box.

  3. In the Your domain input field, enter the subdomain that you want to use as the sender and bounce domain in Inxmail Commerce.

    Before you can use the subdomain in Inxmail Commerce, you need to set up the subdomain with your domain host (see Step 2: Set up the new subdomain with your domain host).

  4. Specify an email address for forwarding replies. This can be a mailbox on your main domain, such as All replies to your mailings will be sent to this forwarding address (after you have stored your subdomain in the mailing settings). You must set up a mailbox of the same name with your domain host or email service provider if the forwarding address does not yet exist.

    The forwarding address cannot be on the subdomain you are in the process of authenticating.

    Test your forwarding address: Verify that forwarding to your forwarding address actually works.

    Get in touch with your Inxmail contact person or . The deliverability of the original e-mail is not affected by this.

  5. Click Authenticate domain.

    You will be directed to the Domain authentication page.

  6. Optional: Store your BIMI logo.

  7. Store your DNS entries with your domain host.

  8. Store the subdomain in the mailing settings in Inxmail Commerce and in the mail relay source systems. You need to adjust the mailing settings in all mailings if you want the settings from the Brand Identity Protection feature to be active for all mailings.

  • You have authenticated your domain in the Brand Identity Protection feature and enabled it for your mailings .

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