Personalizing links

Personalize your links if you want to set a personalized URL depending on your column values, e.g. in order to display a different language version of your web site to recipients from different countries.

Syntax: Enter the column value as follows: $[column name], e.g.$[language code]/.

Step by step

To personalize a link, do the following.

  1. Open your mailing in the Editing workflow step.
  2. Click the position in your mailing where you would like to insert your link.
  3. You can integrate different link types into a mailing by clicking (Insert link) in the mailing editor or by using the Ctrl + K shortcut.

    A dialog box appears.

  4. Select Unique Count Link or Total Count Link as link type.

    You cannot personalize no-count links: You can personalize unique-count and total-count links only. For no-count links, personalization will not work and your links will not be resolved correctly.

    Detailed information on the link types can be found in section Link types in Inxmail Professional.

  5. Enter your URL as Link address and add your column value at the desired position using $[column name], e.g.$[language code]/.

    Case sensitivity is relevant: Make sure that you write the column name exactly the way it is written in the recipient table, including upper/lower case. Only then will your URL be resolved correctly.

  6. Enter your desired values in the other fields of the link dialog.

  7. Confirm the dialog box by clicking OK.

  8. Save your entries.
  • You have personalized a link URL.

Related topics

  • In this article you have learned how to personalize link URLs. Work with parameters for personalizationinstead, if you want to pass column values on to a web site or web application, e.g. in order to pass the email address or name on to a web store.