Add recipients manually from your campaign activity ("Recipients" tab)

Using the "Recipients" tab of your campaign activity, you can add recipients.

Step by step

  1. Open your campaign activity in the "Recipients" tab.

  2. Click "Add recipients".

  3. You have the following options to add recipients to your campaign activity:

    • Use global status: You'll add all recipients that have specified "Allow" in the "Inxmail" tab - provided they are also included in the marketing list.

    • Select campaign activity: Select a campaign activity from the dropdown: This way you'll add all recipients that are subscribed to the selected campaign activity - provided they are also included in the marketing list. In this case, the global status is irrelevant.

    Only recipients with a valid email address in their contact settings will be added.

    As is usual in Microsoft Dynamics, only recipients who are on the marketing list specified in your campaign will be included for dispatch.

  4. Click "Add".

    The value of the "Is processing" field changes to "true" and a loading icon appears.

  5. Wait until the value "false" appears under "Is processing".

  • You have added recipients from your campaign activity.

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