Add modules

Synchronzation required: The modules for your mailing come from XPRO. You will need to sync your mailing with XPRO in order to use XPRO modules in Inxmail New Xperience.

You are responsible for the content of your modules: Inxmail does not accept responsibility for the security of the content of your modules or how the content is displayed. Make sure that there are no security flaws in the modules in your mailing and that your mailing and the modules are displayed correctly on all devices.

Step by step

  1. Sync your mailing.

  2. Select the location in your text element where you want to insert your module.

  3. Click the icon and select the module that you want to insert (for example, the Salutatio module.

    Use dynamic modules: You can add parameters to your module to make it even more flexible. Create dynamic content, e.g. for automatically formatting strikethrough prices. Or display different products from your online shop depending on recipient attributes such as age or gender.

    Applying modules inside Inxmail New Xperience is simple. However, you have to initially set up the modules in XPRO which requires in-depth experience. Alternatively, we can support you with the setup.

    You like our examples? Order your personal modules from your Inxmail contact person or .

    Look for the green icon and module name to locate the module you added.

  4. Click the green or icon to delete modules that you added by accident.

  • You have added a module to your mailing.