What's new in "Users & rights"?


There are new features in the "Users & Rights" section – concerning password assignment and user status.

  • You will get more assistance when resetting your own and other people's passwords.

  • Plus, we have standardized the status information in the "Users" and "Guest users" overview.

Password assignment

  • Reset your own password: If you want to reset your own password, you will now get clearer guidelines on what the requirements are for your new password:

  • Reset password for other users: As a rights manager you will now be able to reset the password for other users.

    To do this, click on the key icon in the "Users" overview:

    Why would I want to reset other users' passwords? Security is a key concern when resetting other users' passwords. In some organizations, certain passwords need to be changed on a regular basis. Or you may be concerned that the current password may have fallen into the wrong hands. Of course, a password reset provides additional security only if you can be sure that the email account of the affected user might not pose a security risk as well.

User status

Similar to the mailing overview, the status of users and guest users will now be displayed with a text label instead of with an icon. In terms of content, nothing has changed. Only the display mode is different.

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