Set up a single sign-on integration for Salesforce

Create a single sign-on integration to be able to log into Inxmail New Xperience with your Salesforce credentials.

Step by step

  1. Open the "SSO integrations" navigation item.

  2. Click Add SSO integration.

  3. Select your Identity Provider from the drop-down list.

    Work in progress: Currently you can only select "Salesforce Sales Cloud" as Identity Provider. You will be able to connect more integrations to Inxmail New Xperience via single sign-on in the future.

  4. Enter a display name and the 18-digit ID for the Salesforce organization you want your account to be linked to.

    Enter the 18-digit ID: Your Salesforce organization has two IDs: 15-digit (case-sensitive) and 18-digit (case-insensitive). Enter the 18-digit ID that you will have to retrieve using the Developer Console.

  5. Click Save.

  • You have set up a single sign-on integration.

Next steps