Facebook lead ads

Facebook lead ads provide an ad format that focuses on the generation of new leads and, in particular, simplifies people’s registration process on mobile devices. Lead ads are easy to create and quickly generate a large number of new leads for you.

The main benefit of using lead ads is the simplified registration process: When someone clicks on a lead ad on Facebook, for example to sign up for a newsletter, a form opens. This form is already pre-completed with the contact data that this person has stored on Facebook, such as the person’s name and email address. The person confirms the contact information and is stored as a new lead on Facebook.

Usually you have to export the lead data as a CSV file to use them in other systems. But thanks to the Facebook Lead Ads Integration for Inxmail Professional, which can be set up as a Facebook app, you can instead have the Facebook lead data transferred automatically, thus saving time and money.

The integration accesses the leads generated on Facebook and transfers them in real time to Inxmail Professional. By default, all Facebook leads are transferred to a specific Inxmail Professional mailing list that you communicated to Inxmail when you initially set up the Facebook Lead Ads integration. You can override the default mailing list at form level, see Specifying the Inxmail Professional list. In order to be able to use the leads as new recipients of a newsletter, you have to configure a double opt-in procedure in Inxmail Professional for your mailing list.

The subscribe procedure is triggered directly after the automatic transfer of the leads to Inxmail Professional once the person has confirmed his/her contact information in the form. The person then receives an email with a confirmation link to the email address previously entered. Only when the person has clicked on the confirmation link in such email will he/she be entered as a new recipient of a newsletter in Inxmail Professional.

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