Setting up Email Annotations for Gmail Promotions Tab

Google's Email Annotations help you place your mailings prominently in Gmail's Promotions Tab.

Important: The settings in the Gmail Promotions Tab are controlled by Google AI. Inxmail can only influence your ad's display to a limited degree. There is no guarantee that the Promotion Settings configured will definitely be displayed.

Some ads may be fully displayed in Gmail's Promotions Tab inlcuding all parameters. In other ads, only your logo might be displayed – or they may not be displayed at all.

The output level depends on many factors - including the reputation of the sender, the quality of your mailing, and previous reactions of mailing recipients to e-mails from the same sender.

Further information on how to improve your reputation as a sender and the quality of your mailings can be found in the following chapters:

Step by step

To use Email Annotations for Gmail Promotions Tab in the Inxmail Professional Advanced Template, proceed as follows:

  1. Open the appropriate mailing in the Editing workflow step.
  2. Click the (Add element) button in the Settings main element.
  3. Add the Email Annotations for Gmail Promotions Tab element.

  4. Specify your settings in the fields.


    For further recommendations see Google's Gmail Promotions  Tab documentation:

  5. Save your mailing.

  6. Test your mailing.
    1. Send your mailing to a test email address.

      Testing: For testing, Google recommends setting up a Gmail account that ends in, e.g.,, see: Google Promotions Annotations Best Practices.

    2. Open the sent mailing in an email client that supports Gmail Promotions Tab (e.g., Gmail App), and check the display.
  • You have set up Email Annotations for Gmail Promotions Tab.

Further information