Quality test

Always perform the Inxmail Professional quality test as a final check before sending the mailing.

You can test the following issues in your mailing using the quality test:

  • Anti-spam test

    This test examines the content and the subject of the mailing for content that may exhibit spam characteristics. The more suspicious content is found, the more probable it is that the mailing will be moved to the spam folder.

    Note: In order for the anti-spam test to function correctly, your Inxmail Professional administrator must configure the settings accordingly (Global properties (Administration)Global properties (Administration)).

  • Link test

    This test determines whether all links in the mailing of the selected recipient are active or not. Inactive links will not direct the recipient to the desired web page.

  • Anti-phishing test

    This test examines the links in the mailing for phishing characteristics. The process of phishing attempts to access an Internet user's personal data using a bogus WWW address. The actual address of a page is concealed (‘URL spoofing’).

  • Opening rates test

    This test checks whether the opening rate of the mailing can be precisely determined. At least one linked, tracked image must exist in the HTML portion of the mailing. Otherwise, the opening rate can only be determined by means of the click rates of tracked links and will therefore turn out to be lower.

  • Email size test

    This test determines the size of the mailing in the inbox of the selected recipient. The size of the mailing can vary depending on which recipient you have selected for the quality test.

  • Unsubscribe test

    This test checks whether an 'unsubscribe' link that recipients can use to unsubscribe from the list is present in the mailing. An unsubscribe link is required by law. You can also specify that the unsubscribe test should check whether a list-unsubscribe header is set.

  • GDPR Tracking permission withdrawal test

    This test examines whether there is a tracking permission withdrawal link which recipients can use to withdraw their consent to person-based tracking. A tracking permission withdrawal link is a legal requirement if you use person-based tracking.

    Note: The test will only be performed if the option ‘Include consent for person-based tracking’ is selected in the list properties.

  • Deliverability test (SPF)

    This test checks the probability that the mailing will be delivered. Technically, the test checks whether an SPF record for the mail server is available in the DNS server of a specific domain. In the case of a suspected bogus sender email address, the mailing may not be delivered.