Brand Identity Protection: Optimise the deliverability of your mailings

The Brand Identity Protection agent helps you improve the deliverability of your mailings. You can create the optimal conditions for ensuring that your emails actually reach the recipient and are not classified as spam by specifying the right settings in the Brand Identity Protection agent. This way, you will strengthen your brand and your reputation as a sender.

How does the Brand Identity Protection agent specifically help improve deliverability?

Domain alignment is a prerequisite for SPF, DKIM and therefore also for DMARC and BIMI. The easiest way to implement domain alignment and optimise your deliverability is to delegate your subdomain to Inxmail via Domain delegation.

Dispatch only possible with authenticated domain: By the end of 2022, you must have authenticated your sending domain(s) using one of the three implementation scenarios in the Brand Identity Protection agent. After this date, dispatch will only possible using authenticated domains. Also, make sure that you use dynamic websites with authenticated domains only. For more information, see: Mailing dispatch and bounces.

Limited number of domains per client: For technical and performance reasons, you can use a maximum of 50 domains per XPRO client (as a sending domain or as a redirect URL). Contact us if the maximum number is not sufficient for you.

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