Mailings (editing)

In this section, you will learn how to create the content of your mailing in the Editing workflow step.

  • Get an overview of the editing area.
  • Learn how to change the subject of mailings.
  • Learn how to create text that is personalised for each recipient (for example, you may want to address the recipients by name in the mailing).
  • Learn how to create general (text) links, test them and configure them so that they can be tracked after the mailing has been sent (that is, the number of times a link is clicked is counted). You will also learn how to add parameters to links. For example, you might want your links to pass recipient data to the linked web page.
  • Learn how to create special links (for example, links with personalisation parameters, unsubscribe links, links to the alternative view in the web browser or mailto links).
  • Learn how to insert images as a reference or embed them directly into your mailing (and in so doing, link with a web page, for example).
  • Learn how to attach files to your mailing.
  • Learn how to insert created modules into your mailing.

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