Create list-help link

Step by step

To create a list-help link, proceed as follows:

  1. To create the list-help link globally, click (Properties) on the (Global settings) tab.

    To configure the list-help link for a particular standard mailing list, click (Properties) in the tab of the standard mailing list.

  2. In Advanced properties, click the Unsubscription via list-unsubscribe property.

    The button is displayed at the end of the line.

  3. Click thebutton.

    The system displays the Configure list-unsubscribe unsubscription dialog box.

  4. Activate the option entitled No unsubscription via list-unsubscribe; instead, provide information on the unsubscribe option via the list-help link.

    Note: This option is only active when the Allow list-help link administrative property is activated in the Global properties section under Administration > Properties.

  5. Enter the URL for the landing page with the unsubscription information.
  6. Confirm the dialog box by clicking OK.
  • You have created a list-help link.

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