List-help link

You can use a website to provide newsletter recipients with information about the unsubscribe option. This involves adding to the source code a list-help link URL, which is not visible in the mailing itself. The link must link to a landing page that explains to the recipient how they can unsubscribe from receiving further mailings or why this is not possible for legal reasons.

Unsubscription via list-unsubscribe is not possible in this case.

It is envisaged that inserting a list-help link is only to be used in exceptional situations, in which special circumstances mean that unsubscription from a mailing cannot be undertaken by means of an unsubscribe link or via a list-unsubscribe header.

Example: Visit landing page to see an example of what content can be found in a List Help header.

Important: Inxmail GmbH is a member of the Certified Senders Alliance (CSA) ( ). CSA stipulates that mailings should include an unsubscribe link and a list-unsubscribe header or a list-help header. If your mailing does not contain an unsubscribe link, list-unsubscribe header or list-help header, Inxmail will automatically set a list-help header.

Detailed information can be found in the section Create list-help link.