Create a mailing

Step by step

  1. Open your campaign, scroll down, and open your campaign activity from the bottom right corner.

  2. Open the "Mailing" tab and click "Create mailing."

  3. Enter the mailing name the way you want it to appear in Inxmail and click "Create mailing."

    Cannot be changed later: Choose your mailing name wisely. You can't change it afterwards.

    Optional: If you want, you can select one of your previous mailings to use as a template for your new mailing before clicking "Create mailing." You can choose from the 30 mailings that you last edited.

  4. The Inxmail mailing editor will open. Log in with your Inxmail credentials in case you won't be logged in automatically.

    Your mailing will open directly in edit view.

  5. Make editorial changes to your mailing. Learn more about how to edit your mailing and manage your images in Inxmail New Xperience.

  6. Approve your mailing as soon as you have completed all editorial work and you want to send your mailing.

  • You have created a mailing.

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