Link type: Grant tracking permission

Until now, the only tracking permission link type available was "Withdraw tracking permission". Here comes the counterpart: "Grant tracking permission". This way, your recipients can grant - or withdraw - their tracking permission with a single click.

What does "Tracking Permission" mean?

With the Tracking Permission column value, Inxmail gathers information on whether or not a recipient has agreed to the storage of personal click and opening data (using unique-count tracking). In order to work in compliance with GDPR, it is important that you enable your recipients to withdraw a granted tracking permission at any time.

What do I have to set up / consider technically?

It is enough to enter the URL of your landing page and place a success message there, such as Thank you! You have granted your tracking permission. This way, you help us optimize your mailing experience and better tailor content to you.

Similar to the unsubscribe link and the "Withdraw tracking permission" link type, you do not have to worry about the technical unsubscription process. Tracking permission will be automatically granted, when someone in your mailing list clicks on the "Grant tracking permission" link. And it will automatically be withdrawn when someone clicks the "Withdraw tracking permission" link.

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