SAP Marketing Cloud

As a user of the SAP Marketing Cloud, you can implement email campaigns. The following contains a description of how to set up Inxmail Commerce as an email sending solution for the SAP Marketing Cloud. References are given to the corresponding help pages in the SAP Help Portal.

Information made available by SAP

Information on Inxmail as a generic email service provider for the SAP Marketing Cloud can be found using the following link:

SAP App Center

Inxmail Commerce as an email sending system

When using Inxmail Commerce as an email sending solution for the SAP Marketing Cloud, Inxmail Commerce is used as an email sending system. The outgoing emails from the SAP Marketing Cloud are provided with a DKIM signature and are sent otherwise unchanged via Inxmail Commerce using powerful, whitelisted servers.


In addition, you have a functionality for complaints and bounce management, as complaints and bounces are transferred from Inxmail Commerce back to the SAP Marketing Cloud.


Step by step

To use Inxmail Commerce as an email sending solution, you must carry out the following three steps:

  1. Recording the domain in Inxmail Commerce
  2. Setting up communication arrangement
  3. Creating a sender profile

Information in the SAP Help Portal

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