Configuring an event

After you have created (and saved) an event, it is protected from editing. To be able to edit or change it, you must enable editing.

Editing the event ID and event name

You can edit the event ID and event name in the Event settings and in the Event configuration. The respective input fields can be found in the Event settings


Editing placeholders and placeholder groups

Placeholders, placeholder groups and all other details within an event are edited in the Event configuration.


Step by step

Proceed as follows to edit an event:

  1. Select the Events menu item in the navigation bar.

    Events that have already been created are displayed in the selection bar.

  2. Click the event that you would like to configure.

    A cogwheel is displayed in the right-hand part of the event button.


  3. Click the cogwheel.

    A shortcut menu appears.

  4. Click i_xcom_event_konfiguration_de.png.

    You will be directed to the Event configuration page.


  5. Click i_xcom_bearbeitung_aktivieren_print_de.png.

    The information message You have left protected mode is displayed.

  6. Make the desired changes.

    Note: You can also edit the event id and event name in the Event settings. Click Event settings to go to the Event settings.

  7. Click Save.
  8. Click i_xcom_schliessen_de.png.
  9. You return to the Workflow tab.
  • You have now edited an event.

Additional information

Note the following: If an event is already being used, that is to say, mailings are sent based on the event, changes in the event configuration will also affect the mailings.

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