Structure and content of the event XML

This section assumes that the event XML is the leading element for the matching of data between the source system and Inxmail Commerce. It provides a detailed (example) description of an event XML for the ‘Order confirmation’ event.


The structure of the event XML is normally specified by Inxmail Commerce. A detailed description of the event XML structure can be found in the following sections. An example file can be downloaded using the following link: inxmail_commerce_event_example.xml


You use the content or XML tags of the event XML to define which events and which event data can be processed by Inxmail Commerce. In principle, every event in the source system can be created as an event in Inxmail Commerce, and all event data can be integrated in the event XML.

For every event in the source system, there is a corresponding event or event XML whose identifier is defined with the <eventtype> tag. Events can contain any number of event data groups or event data. These are identified with the <phgroup> and <placeholder> tags respectively.

The following diagram illustrates the interaction of the source system and Inxmail Commerce.

Below is an example for each event XML tag.