Creating a new event based on an event template

Step by step

Proceed as follows to create a new event based on an event template:

  1. Select the Events menu item in the navigation bar.

    Events that have already been created are displayed in the selection bar.

  2. Click i_xcom_neues_event_anlegen_de.png at the bottom end of the selection bar.


    You will be directed to the page to select various default event templates.

    Inxmail Commerce offers templates for the central events and transactions of the Magento, Oxid, Shopware and Spryker online shop systems. These contain the central or typically used event data that you require for transactional emails.

  3. Select the desired event template.
  4. Click Select.

    You will be directed to the Event settings page.


  5. Specify your settings in the fields.

    Note: The entries made for the event ID and event name are transferred to the event XML. They can be changed both in the event settings and in the event XML.

  6. Click Create event.

    You will be directed to the page for editing the event template (event XML).


  7. Adjust the event template, if necessary.
  8. Click Save.
  • You have now created a new event.

Additional information

When you start Inxmail Commerce for the first time or begin to set it up, you can use the Dashboard menu item or the Events menu item to create a new event. For this purpose, the Create a new event button is displayed in the display section.