Simplify your marketing processes

Imagine creating complex email campaigns just by dragging and dropping... Everything included: Target groups, triggers, time conditions and other requirements. This way you can easily combine different mailing types like birthday mailings, event mailings and follow-up mailings into one email marketing experience.

Sounds too good to be true? With our new "Workflows" feature, this dream will become a reality for you!

What's new about workflows?

Birthday mailings, welcome mailing series, follow-up mailings, target groups, trigger mailings, time conditions, ...- all this is old hat for you, because it's been possible for a long time with XPRO?

That's right! But the new thing about workflows is that you have these options bundled in one place: You can set them up and keep track of them in one central workflow.

So in terms of basic functions, it's the same as in XPRO, only much better:

  • Clear: Set up everything in one place intuitively and clearly via drag and drop

  • Customizable: Work with Inxmail templates or set up your own workflows

  • Intuitive: Enjoy the new Inxmail New  Xperience design and its optimized usability

  • Approval process: Approve your workflows and decide yourself when to activate them

  • Reports: View the dispatch details of workflows (running and completed) so you can evaluate them and learn for the future.

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