Aligning mailing links

Once you have set up and validated your domain, Inxmail will start to set up full domain alignment for you (including alignment of mailing links). The subdomain for mailing links may take up to two to three working days to activate.

One or more subdomains?

Have you stored one or more subdomains in the Brand Identity Protection agent?

  • One subdomain: Inxmail sets up the mailing links for you. You don't have to take action.
  • More than one subdomain: You have to adjust the mailing links in the list settings after activation. Since most Inxmail customers do not have full access to all list settings, we recommend that you get in touch with your Inxmail contact person or , so that Inxmail can help you set up the mailing links.

    If you have all rights in the list settings and would like to make the adjustments yourself, proceed as follows:

Enter the mailing links in the Inxmail Professional list settings.

Checking the activation: You can check the status of the activation process by accessing the URL of your subdomain via https (e.g., If an Inxmail page appears, the website links with SSL certificate are activated for your subdomain.

Once your subdomain has been activated, you must perform the following steps in Inxmail Professional:

  1. Open the mailing list via which your send your mailings.
  2. Open the Properties agent.
  3. Enter your subdomain in the following fields in the Administrative properties area:

    • URL for linking web pages
    • URL for tracking links

    Can't see the Administrative Properties area? Get in touch with your Inxmail contact person or , so that Inxmail can support you in setting up the mailing links.

  4. Perform steps one to three for all of the mailing lists that you use.
  • You have successfully stored your mailing links in Inxmail Professional.

Important: Before your first live dispatch, use a test mailing to check whether the domain is parsed correctly and that tracking links and linking web pages are working.