Manually inserting placeholders into mailings

You can also manually insert placeholders into different modules or elements and in the subject line. Here you need to observe the following syntax rules.

Syntax rules for placeholders

The placeholders are replaced with the value of the corresponding variable or subvariable from the shop at the time when Inxmail Commerce generates the mailing.

Placeholders are delimited by a dollar sign and curly brackets. The curly brackets contain the grouping, followed by the variable which is separated by a dot: ${Gruppierung.Variable}

Subvariables are appended to the variable and separated by a dot: ${Gruppierung.Variable.Subvariable}

Fallback for placeholders with missing or incorrect variables

If a placeholder’s variable/subvariable is missing or incorrect, the corresponding mailing cannot be generated by Inxmail Commerce.

To prevent such a case from arising, an exclamation mark should be placed at the end of the variable/subvariable. Missing or incorrect variables/subvariables are then ignored by Inxmail Commerce when generating the mailing. The mailing can be generated. No values/details are displayed at the corresponding places in the mailing.

The syntax for the above examples looks like this:

  • ${NewOrder.CustomerFirstName!}
  • ${NewOrder.Currency.CurrencySymbol!}

    Important: In general, variables/subvariables should be provided with a closing exclamation mark.

Placeholders in conjunction with FreeMarker statements

Placeholders can be used in conjunction with FreeMarker statements. Detailed information can be found in the section Using FreeMarker statements.